Pussywood – Each tower is handmade and unique

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Urban Tails Pet Supply
2106 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis
(across from The Wedge Co-op)
(612) 879-0709

Please email info@pussywoodcustomcattowers.com for pricing and delivery information.
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Pussywood Custom Cat Towers are created from locally-sourced wood and recycled materials.

They allow cats to encounter the same elements they would in the outdoors, giving them playspaces to which they are naturally adapted.

New Coke

New Coke 2Their “New Coke” never quite compared to the original.
Ours is better than ever!

This beautiful tower has a cool vintage vibe.
Featuring dramatic contrast between bright red crates,
stunning white birch branches, a shimmering silver base and super soft, salt and pepper steps and linings.

Just for the fun of it – we added a thick, sisal scratching post and dangling toy.

Bring the newest Pussywood home and show your kitty that your love is The Real Thing.


New Coke 3

The Most Awesome Hamm’s Cat Tower Ever!

hamms 3From the Land of Sky Blue Waters comes our homage to classic Hamm’s.

This tower features lots of soft and furry places for your puss to cuddle up including a picnic basket perch and watery wine crate.

Plus we’ve added lots of touches from Hamm’s memorabilia to make your own place so much cooler – a cheerful woodpecker, black bears rolling on a real log and naughty beavers who built a dam by their hideout. 

Come and get it anytime – It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.


Hamms 1

Giddy Up


Featuring even more furry spaces to enjoy!

Home, home on the range where your lil’ wrangler can roam,
 climb, hide and explore.

Our wild west Pussywood starts with a charming handmade rocking horse. A soft & furry spiral staircase leads up into the trees to a rustic boot crate hideout.

Herding cats is the hardest thing you can possibly do-
Make it easy on yourself,
Bring our pretty pony 
back to your ranch today.


Giddy 3

Fort Bellefleur

Fort B 1


The newest Pussywood actually drew True Blood so we couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out.

Tall and gorgeous it features two wine crates lined with blood red faux fur for cuddling. The first, around window height with a teak leaf step. The other is our tree top fort with stately southern mansion.

A tall, sisal scratching post will help your hunter sharpen their claws and wooden stakes are hidden throughout, just in case.


Fort B 3

Fort B 2

Doe A Deer

Doe 2Petite and sweet the newest Pussywood brings the great outdoors inside for the winter.

A hunter’s paradise, it features a softly-lined and high-up wine crate hide overlooking gentle resting deer painted on a rustic perch for lounging.

With lots of natural wood tones, Doe A Deer, will compliment any home and the tall sisal scratching post will spare the rest of your furniture from the winter blues.


Doe 1


The Grand

Tall Birch 1


The newest Pussywood is tall and elegantly rustic.
Featuring a beautiful piece of snowy birch generously donated by the lovely owners of local restaurant The Grand Cafe.

Your furry friend will love cuddling up on decadent dark chocolate perches and exploring the cozy nooks of two large wine crates.

We also wrapped a long sisal scratching post, added a fun dangling toy and hid a wooden kitten in the middle to make for easy climbing.

Bring The Grand home for today’s special is Joie de Vivre!


Tall Birch 3


Petrified Forest

Petrified 2


They say every squirrel gets his nut and our fuzzy-tailed friend is keeping a close eye on his .

The newest Pussywood features an amazing, golden slice of “petrified” tree surrounded by a birch and dark wood forest. Super soft buckskin faux fur covers perches and steps leading where our squirrel hid his stash.


Petrified 1




Valley Beauty

Valley Beauty 1


This petite beauty sparkles and shines.

A lovely vintage grape crate and fantastic kitty shaped wooden bowl provide luxurious spots for your star to lounge.

Featuring two glittery bejeweled steps for posing and climbing and super soft emerald fun fur for snuggling.

The Valley Beauty amps up the glamour for both your home and your furry friends.


Valley Beauty 2

Now available at Urban Tails Pet Supply

Scarlet at Urban Tails

A great local pet store with friendly and knowledgeable owners and staff. You can find anything you need or want for your pets.

pet tails 2Conveniently located across from The Wedge Co-op. Stop by and see what’s new.

2106 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis
(612) 879-0709


A Dingo Ate My Kitty

Safari 1


The newest Pussywood is fresh off safari and ready for you to take home to your hunter.

Featuring wide, round, carved wood and faux fur covered steps & perches – this tower is great for a cat of any age or agility.

A funky zebra mask leads the way to a deep, gorgeous bowl. The perfect place for your little lion to nap before a prowl.


Safari 2

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